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Why Choose The Andrew Blake Band?

"Our experience with having the Andrew Blake Band play at our wedding was INCREDIBLE! They are true professionals, phenomenal musicians, and every single guest raved about their performance! They are simply the BEST!"

                                Amanda Aaron, September 2015

The Andrew Blake Band is brilliant in its presentation and value and brings with it a statement of quality which then becomes a reflection of your personality and values.  After all, in the memory of your guests and family, your event will have your name attached to it forever.  Why not frame this memory with music that is special and as carefully selected as all the other elements of your event?  


Our musical guarantee is based on a love/hate principle.  We guarantee to play all the music you love, and make sure any songs you hate never pass through a speaker.  


Andrew Blake has performed thousands of events over the past 25 years, interacting with dance party crowds all over the United States. Eliminate any worry you might have about booking a band for your event. Take comfort in knowing that choosing The Andrew Blake Band assures that every aspect of the music for your event, from beginning to end, will be perfect.  


Whether the crowd for your event is measured in hundreds or thousands, the end result with The Andrew Blake Band is a power-packed entertainment package that will assure your evening to be as memorable as you dreamed it could be.  Feel free to email us with any questions you may have and someone will get back with you within 24 hours. 

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